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Utilizing clean energy technologies for business resiliency

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Why Texzon Utilities for Commercial Projects?

Access to renewable energy is becoming a more important factor in expansion and meeting customer expectations, a trend economic development experts say has strong cost effectiveness and operational resiliency. The availability of alternative energy is a more prominent consideration once the logistics and labor boxes have been checked. On a growing number of projects, clean energy has become a requirement, not a relative luxury.

We believe that business leaders should turn their focus to innovating in the area of clean energy technologies and connected platforms. Smart commercial businesses of the future will likely be interconnected through wireless sensors, IoT devices and artificial intelligence, so forward-thinking leaders are preparing now.

Invest In Renewable Energy

Using more renewable energy can lower the demand for fossil fuels and coal by increasing competition and diversifying energy supplies. Corporate and governmental indicators predict that within the next decade, renewables will be cheaper than today's fossil fuel plants, and by 2035, renewables will account for 50% of all power generation. Right now, the fastest-growing energy sources are solar, wind, hydropower and bioenergy.  According to the Geothermal Energy Association, less than 10% of the world's geothermal power potential is currently being utilized. However, geothermal energy production is expected to more than double by 2030 and Texzon is leading the way to deploy geothermal energy storage.

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A Call To Business Leaders

The global energy industry is facing a rapid transformation. No matter which state or country you’re in, the cost of clean energy now is cheaper than the costs of traditional non-renewable energy sources later. These words clearly resonate now more than ever before. Incentives create an opportunity for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and startup founders to think about how we can make our forecasts more sustainable and resilient. Now is the time for new thought processes and business ideas that can support making businesses more sustainable and connected while growing profits.

Commercial Energy & Waste Solutions

Commercial Infrastructure Solutions

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