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Our Services

Texzon Utilities and its network partners provide clean energy systems, biofuels, and telecom solutions. We invite you to learn more about our products and services below:

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Anaerobic Biodigesting

Repurposing agricultural waste, manures, municipal waste, food and processing waste materials from manufacturers, industrial byproducts and more. 


Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

CHP provides efficient, clean, reliable, and affordable energy – today and for a more sustainable future. 


Geothermal Power & Storage

Storing thermal energy generated from the Earth’s internal heat. Utilizing the Earth’s heat, which is inexhaustible and providing unlimited power


Solar Power Generation

Solar Energy is the fastest growing and most affordable source of new electricity in America and overseas.


Backup Power Generators

Offering custom-designed backup power generation solutions for our clients.


Energy Procurement

Texzon guides organizations and industries on how to purchase, use, and manage energy to bring value-added services in helping them achieve greater energy efficiency


LED & Efficient Lighting

The ability of LED technology to produce high-quality white light with unprecedented energy efficiency is the primary motivation for the intense level of continued service Texzon Utilities provides our valued clients.


Wastewater Solutions

Deploying new WWTP technologies while generating renewable energy sources and gas from waste materials 

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Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Battery Energy Storage Systems are a technological solution that helps to balance the electricity grid in real time.



Providing a wide range of engineering products across multiple services and energy related markets


Microgrids & Control Systems

Microgrids can power a single building like a hospital or police station, or a collection of buildings, like an industrial park or university campuses.


Wind Turbine Power

Providing cost-effective long-term power for developing a new distributed energy site or repowering an existing one.


Biofuels & RNG

We sustainably repurpose agricultural waste, manures, municipal waste, food and beverage waste materials from manufacturers, industrial byproducts and more.

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EV Infrastructure & V2X Charging

Texzon charging stations at workplaces and public destinations help meet customer needs by offering flexible charging opportunities at commonly visited locations.


Operations & Maintenance

Effective O&M is one of the most cost-effective methods for ensuring reliability, safety, and energy efficiency.


Wireless Communications

Wireless energy management systems provide continuous, real-time data on energy

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