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Wind Turbine Power

Providing long term power security and developing new distributed energy with behind the meter wind. 

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Why Texzon Utilities for Wind Turbine Power?

Behind the Meter Wind Turbine Power for Business


DIRECTWIND range of 225kW to 1MW wind turbines are designed and built to provide the most cost-effective long-term power whether you’re developing a new distributed energy site or repowering an existing one. Through a best-in-class combination of direct drive technology and advanced control features, they ensure high yields and reliable performance to maximize your return on investment. We design in-house and continually improve our product, to further enhance performance.


Proven on three continents – both on and off grid – our turbines also feature a grid-friendly output that simplifies integration into weak and micro-grids. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of configurations with tip heights from 61m to 114m to help you get the most out of your site conditions. It’s no wonder our wind turbines have been meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations for more than 10 years.


As hundreds of our customers can confirm, our cost-effective yet comprehensive service support is the key to unlocking your turbine’s potential. Our service contracts are all encompassing, delivering outstanding customer satisfaction and turbine availability. With our own highly skilled local service teams close to you supported by 24/7 remote monitoring via our state-of-the-art control centers, you can be sure of the fastest response times. And we are committed to continually improving the performance of installed turbines via in-house R&D.



EWT in association with TEXZON Utility project management has an in-house technology team with highly qualified engineers coming from all corners around the world. This diversity of competences and industry experience provides the needed foundation to offer technical support on sales projects and supply chain matters, but also to continuously optimize the components and turbine design. 

  • Outputs from 250kW to 1MW

  • Tip heights from 61 to 114m

  • Solutions for IEC class IIIA / IIA winds

  • (Wide range of) options for grid connection and grid integration

  • Options for wind farm management

  • Hybrid solutions

  • Power curtailment

  • Noise curtailment

  • Cold climate configurations

Why choose an EWT turbine?
  • High energy yield

  • High return on investment

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Low noise level

  • Friendly to weak grids

  • Comprehensive service packages for guaranteed availability

Wind Turbines

Windclass IIIA

Windclass IIA

Standard power output options


What do we do?
Customized Microgrid Design


In close collaboration with its clients and with a clear understanding of their energy requirements, EWT creates tailored microgrid systems for optimum energy generation, storage, and distribution. EWT’s expertise goes beyond wind energy, ensuring precision-engineered solutions for diverse applications, including diesel generators and solar PV.


Comprehensive Integration Services

From conceptualization to implementation, EWT handles the entire integration process. This encompasses sourcing cutting-edge renewable energy technologies, deploying energy storage systems, and seamlessly integrating smart grid components for optimal performance.


Advanced Control and Monitoring

EWT’s integrative approach extends beyond installation. EWT provides sophisticated control systems and monitoring platforms, allowing real-time insights into performance of the system. This ensures efficient energy management and quick response to dynamic energy needs.

What do we offer?


Renewable Energy Integration

EWT leverages solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable sources to create hybrid microgrids that reduce reliance on traditional power sources, cutting costs and environmental impact.


Resilient Power Solutions

EWT’s microgrids offer uninterrupted power supply, ensuring resilience against grid failures or natural disasters. System reliability is crucial for critical infrastructure, remote communities, and mission-critical facilities.


Energy Optimization and Efficiency

Through intelligent energy management systems, EWT optimizes power usage, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced waste, and substantial cost savings over time.

Consultation and Maintenance Services

EWT’s support does not end with installation of the system. We provide ongoing monitoring, consultancy and maintenance, ensuring peak performance and adapting systems to evolving energy needs and technological advancements.

Texzon blue arch bkdg 1.jpg


Let's talk to empower your microgrid goals.

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