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Utilizing clean energy technologies to meet production deliverables

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Why Texzon Utilities for Industry?

Access to renewable energy is becoming a more important factor for industry and expansion, a trend economic development experts say has strong cost effectiveness and operational resiliency. The availability of alternative energy is a more prominent consideration once the logistics and labor boxes have been checked. On a growing number of projects, clean energy has become a requirement, not a relative luxury.

Cost Effectiveness

Alternative energy has become much more cost competitive. Buying renewable energy cost 50% or more as recently as five years ago, but that that figure is now in the single digits in the regulated and deregulated markets. In most parts of the country, available federal and state incentives along with robust credits make renewable power a cost-saver versus traditional sources. Similarly, proximity to a generating site can create situations in which renewable energy is very competitive.

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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage systems capture surplus energy during times of high production/low demand and store it for use during times of low production/high demand. While not a new technology, energy storage is rapidly gaining traction as a way to provide a stable and consistent supply of renewable energy to the grid. The energy storage system of most interest to solar PV producers is the battery energy storage system, or BESS. While only 2–3% of energy storage systems in the U.S. are BESS (most are still hydro pumps), there is an increasing move to integrate BESS with renewables.

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Greening Your Image

Lastly, a factor already regularly in the headlines also contributes to energy’s growing prominence in industrial ECD, says Texzon Utilities Sr. Partner, Danny Korakas. “Having renewable energy as part of our growth and success story gives employers an attractive working environment and culture in the ever-increasing competition for talent. This is especially true for consumer-facing companies selling consumables such as food and manufactured goods, but it also increasingly matters in heavy industries such as metalworking, composites, or chemicals, Simply put, many people care more today about working for a company that can claim to be part of cleaner and more sustainable path forward.”


“Green is going to become much more influential,” Mr. Korakas says. “There’s no doubt in my mind and reviewing the data that we’re headed in that direction. The train is leaving the station, and you don’t want to be left behind.”

Industrial Energy & Waste Solutions

Industrial Infrastructure Solutions

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