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Standby Generation

Texzon is proud to introduce distributed generation and backup power for our customers. Through our valued partners, Texzon is offering this important service to customers to ensure they will never be without power, allowing their business to operate normally when there is an outage in the area.
This unique service offering enables customers to achieve much higher levels of electrical reliability for a small fraction of the cost of traditional diesel backup generator ownership. We call this "backup-power-as-a-service" or BPAAS.
With BPAAS, the natural gas-powered generators can run synchronously with the grid or in “island mode,” where they disconnect and generate power separately from the grid at customer sites. This allows them to provide power for their customers even when the grid is down. 
BPAAS is cost effective. When customers are not using backup power, they are able to aggregate the generators and sell power back to the grid to earn revenue. These frequent runs allow them to subsidize 80-90% of the cost to customers. Environmentally clean, these generators use clean-burning natural gas that have emissions of less than 1% of a standard Tier 2 diesel generator and less than 4% of a standard Tier 4 generator.
"The most reliable, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution in the market." 
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Contact Texzon to learn more about our Standby Generation services.

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