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"NODABL is the preferred partner for broadband networks and services that enable people, communities & businesses to flourish"


With availability of CBRS spectrum, enterprises now have the opportunity to deploy LTE networks onsite that are fully under their control. Using multiple technology providers as solution partners, NODABL offers private LTE networks as custom-designed turnkey solutions. Enterprises can deploy the networks using one of two business models: Network as a Service or Upfront CAPEX. In both models, the network is managed and monitored 24/7 professionally by NODABL freeing up enterprise’s resources for business-critical tasks. Enterprises that opt for Network as a Service model further enjoy the predictability of a defined monthly OPEX and can expand the network or the applications that run on the network as their needs grow.


Deploying a cost-effective network is key to offering broadband to rural customers at sustainable subscription rates. The availability of unlicensed CBRS spectrum neutralizes one key element of network cost.  NODABL has identified a novel network architecture for rural broadband which can be deployed in a WiFi-like manner at WiFi-like costs. By using a wireless “MESH” network of outdoor nodes, NODABL provides fixed wireless broadband to rural communities. The outdoor network is complemented by LTE to WiFi gateways at customer sites. Higher download speeds (e.g., between 30 and 90 Mbps) compared to legacy technologies can be delivered at very competitive costs.

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