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Energy Procurement Services

Texzon counsels organizations on how to purchase, use, and manage energy and brings value-added services to help them achieve greater energy efficiency in their operations.
Texzon’s Services include:
• Electricity Procurement
• Natural Gas Procurement
• Renewable / Green Energy
• Load Response Management
Market Intelligence
Managing the procurement process requires insight and understanding of wholesale energy markets, power generation and distribution. Texzon Utilities calls upon a multitude of sources to ascertain the state of the energy market, the latest pricing trends and important legislative or regulatory developments. Texzon recommends energy purchases for your company when it makes sense from a long-term, strategic standpoint, not simply based on contract expiration dates. In today’s volatile energy markets, the key to an effective strategy is to closely monitor the market and take action when prices dip. Texzon tracks market trends to pinpoint the best possible time to initiate purchases.
Procurement Strategy
In a deregulated market, purchasing energy at the best price and the right time can be a complex undertaking. The unique size and shape of the load, current contract terms and future budgetary needs all need to be taken into account in developing a procurement strategy. Driven by market intelligence, Texzon determines the best time to initiate a purchase. As an impartial advocate, Texzon leverages its long-term relationships with multiple providers and conducts an internal RFP. With several suppliers competing for the usage, the result is a negotiated target price. When the agreed-upon and validated target price is reached, a buy order can be initiated, assuring the customer that the timing of the buy, the per kWh rate and the length of term all meet their exact criteria.
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Texzon provides energy management services for companies in a wide variety of industry sectors. We know how energy and environmental concerns impact your business and we speak your language. Here are a few examples how Texzon has helped customers strengthen their position, limit risk and save money.

City chose Texzon over incumbent aggregation group. Texzon was able to provide competitive bids from several suppliers. Negotiations resulted in substantial savings for city.

Term: 36 months
Savings: $1,350,000


This growing Texas University needed a partner that could lower their energy spend and provide a level of budget certainty they had not had previously. Texzon was able to deliver on both counts.




Term: 36 months
Savings: $383,844


This large school district asked Texzon to provide market intelligence and sound procurement strategy, allowing them to lock in a very competitive rate and take advantage of a window of opportunity in the marketplace.




Term: 48 months
Savings: $280,000

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A competitive, deregulated energy marketplace provides companies with the opportunity to not only reduce energy expenses, but also manage risk. For energy procurement, Texzon operates in deregulated markets. For other energy management services, including energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits, we serve the entire nation.

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