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Energy Management Services

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Texzon understands that looking at the “big picture” of a company’s energy spend is critical to controlling costs and promoting sustainability. Through our Fractional Energy Manager (FEM) program, we offer a suite of energy management services that will help you control and manage your energy spend, assist you during the planning and construction phases of new facilities, and give you all the information you need to make smart energy decisions. 

Texzon Utilities is an experienced partner, who can help you:

  • Analyze and assess the economic impacts of utility company rate structures

  • Compare the energy performance of one facility to another

  • Understand and analyze energy use patterns for trends and/or deviation

  • Use data analytic software and spreadsheets to accurately represent building operation

  • Assist in the preparation of cost estimates for projects.

  • Understand construction processes and schedules and conduct reviews during new project construction.

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Contact Texzon to learn more about our Energy Management services.

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“In their role as our energy manager, we have been very pleased with Texzon's expertise in handling all the energy needs for our Texas operations, always quick to anticipate and handle market shifts to our advantage.”

— VP Operations 

    Large Manufacturing Facility

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